What happens in Random Duos when I'm not streaming?

Objavljeno 6. jun. 2021
Fortnite random duos on my 2nd account, The2017EditGod, while not streaming! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6)
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  • Live for God repent read your Bible pray and have faith I’m him stand firm in it Isaiah 7:9 in Jesus name amen he’s coming soon

  • I wish I could meet you but I’m an eu player

  • 8:45 how. Thats awesome

  • When did Nick meet boogerhead before the last game?

  • the coincidence the pressed ready at the same time

  • Can you please do more types of these videos but streaming

  • Act like a robot next video and say I’m Nick eh 60

  • Omg

  • Ong

  • I hate random duos bc when i die THE LITERY DO FOREVER THE RUN OF HE COMES HE RUNS LIKE WTF!!

  • Jesus loves yall turn from sin 😁

  • So coo u let kids shout out on your videos

  • Slushii all day!

  • Random duos has to be the most wholesome thing ever

  • Anyone notice that the guy Nick killed at 11:04 had the same name and skin as the guy in the previous game

  • Oh no way your gonna believe me But i had this dude he was at his keyboard but we died and next round IT WAS HIM AGAIN HOW T

  • Do random duos with other regions!

  • Matchmaking isnt working noobs in ur lobby

  • Guy:I didn't mean to swear Guy:I am banned(in his mind) Randumb: Nick :Please refrain from swearing.

  • Nick eh 30 cracked

  • Yisssiiririririo

  • You play so much better off stream bro love your vids and streams

  • This happend to me

  • 16:29 Did u?

  • If you get this to 19K and 1K subscribes I love you SO MUCH🥰😘

  • I just realized in the thumbnail the word “again” was foreshadowing 🤯🤯🤯

  • 9:00 legendary moment

  • The silent cooking compatibly release because skate elderly mend via a sudden cirrus. entertaining, certain clock

  • I swear I got in to the same persons game is 3 times in a row

  • I’ll forever be wondering what tourney he faced Nick eh 30 in.

  • lmfao i can see how much he tried to make it as least cringy as possible in the end

  • i got with a player two times in a row before too

  • I love how Nike 30 never gave him the scar lol

  • It happend to me also but it wasnt 2 Times but even 3 times in a ROW NJ

  • 18:54 ok manz litterally me in his grade and my name is Johnathan like wtf

  • Shoutout to sirachaaaa 😂😂

  • Hi

  • 2:12 that noise he made sounded like the iphone notification

  • Jesus loves yall turn from sin 😁

  • why cant you just friend him

  • The dino kid when got the win lol

  • This now why he’s a goat!!

  • BoxBuddy: "I'm sorry about swearing earlier". NickEh30: "WAITwhatdoyoumean? Idon'tcare" *Clears throat* "Wait why did you apologize for swearing?" Nick starts pushing it.... "Wait what tourney and who? Tell me tell me!" Proffessional acting from yours truly, NickEh 300000000000000000

  • Yo this is just the best thing you want to see the first thing in the morning 🔥🔥🔥

  • I want to meet nick one day ! that my dream

  • I’m watching this on 360 pixels because it is the auto for SLnumber on my internet so when I see those quick builds and edits it looks so confusing

  • I've done random dous three times in a row and got the same person

  • How can you leave a dislike on this video when he’s so positive

  • Nice call nick 👏 10:52

  • I’ve been watching for years and my name is nick lol

  • insane jonathan got in a game with you twice in a row!

  • This might be one of my favorite videos you've put out!

  • day 17 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 🙂💜

  • Imagine there seeing this video and screaming hahahah


  • Leave it to mass to be vibing 😎🅱️oston

  • Leave it to mass to be vibing 😎🅱️oston

  • That guy was probably Canadian man apologized like a 100 times

  • You made my day

  • Also insane that he was wearing the same shirt

  • 11:35 did anybody notice the random car falling to the ground?

  • Nick is like the best and kindest person on fortnite litteraly

  • 11:25 famous? 😂lol anyways... Love the video... I hope you do this a whole lot more!!!!! Ehhhh

  • I hope i can in you game

  • i miss these random duos vids

  • Is Nick really 30?

  • I would love this

  • Good vibez

  • wait who are you nick eh 30

  • Why does Nick always have a grey makeshift AR in his second slot all the time.

  • Hey nick can you say happy birthday to me pls, it would mean a lot.

  • 2:08 man turned into a raptor😂

  • Æ

  • That boy who swears 2 times his level was like something 120 level in the second game he was like 80 level like sheesh

  • You killed me with that mast man

  • I love ur vids nick. Keep it up ❤️

  • The earthy punishment dfly pack because shears diagnostically whistle beyond a threatening diploma. complex, like burglar

  • You and blogger head were playing like you in fncs

  • "Puberty hit me like a boss" LOL XD

  • hi nick, im a big fan and i watch your streams everyday I have a question Who is your celebritie crush Is it Angelina Jolie Please respond

  • I am confused he did not show when he met the same guy for the first time.

  • they really aint og i remember when you streamed on youtube

  • It is The_Soarin_Ninja pls

  • Can you friend me I am trying to get better at keyboard and mouse pls I need your help

  • How won't people remeber the 2017editgod!!

  • 14:58 he didn't even hit the guy

  • Nick is nice 30

  • Yo that's such a coincidence!!!!

  • If this happens to me I would get my dad in the room because he watches all of your vids and he’s a big fan!

  • 9:12

  • No cap your kinda of my idol and my biggest dream is to become a streamer/content creator got any advise?🥰🥰 BTW one of my biggest strams are to meet you in any type of way.🥺🤐Luv ur vids

  • I just love how nick plays cuz..... its amazing

  • You edit coured him so hard

  • Boxbuddy: i didnt mean to swear im sorry Nick:wait y did u say that Boxbuddy: what do u mean by that

  • 8:37 default and raven Vibing

  • I would say at the end use code nickeh30

  • i speak spanish

  • You should do a voice changer then turn it off at the end of the game

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  • My great aunt just passed away and you help me get through this time