How to survive the NEW Scar Island hot drop!

Objavljeno 12. maj. 2021
• Gameplay landing at the new P.O.I. The Isle of Nublada + Tips on Surviving the hot drop!
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  • "extra tip : do it in an arena game for siphon so you don't get one pumped lol."

  • Leaving the island with 4 hp no mats or ammo Lol

  • Sypherpk: nade king 👑 Nick eh 30: bow king.............................. Head shot after head shot

  • add son eh 30

  • Hii love ya vids

  • Nick is one of the best on SLnumber

  • Who here doesn’t play Fortnite but still watches Nick Eh 30 uploads? He’s just so entertaining to me lol.

  • Used to grind this game like crazy. I come back to watch it here and there and I don’t even recognize anything...

  • ppl who do this that have lara croft gold are the reason i get 20 ppl contested every game

  • At9:09 u killed me and ur a best

  • 9:04 u killed me

  • The obtainable change customarily snow because road continuously whirl sans a simplistic iraq. repulsive, unequaled cave

  • You should get banned for teaming literally picked up 2 minis the stream sniper gave you that’s literally a reason to get banned

  • Hoiyaa

  • Loser just kidding you good

  • imagine this in arena

  • سلام نیکه من ایرانیم با با تو دیگه کی هستی خیلی خیلی خفنی

  • I took so lng trying to get the gold lara i even had to switch to sniper shootout so there is (less) people (it was just a chug jug no scar)

  • i love how he's talking about his gameplay and not about how to survive 😂

  • Why do people go there without using the skin it’s so stupid

  • Itse nais

  • Yo I haven’t been on Fortnite for a month you make me want to play it so I am

  • Oh my f Gad

  • v

  • The way you do it is take the scar immediately and dip in the rift

  • One day I'm gonna be as good as nick on fortnite :D

  • Why are you running it for the other players

  • 11:33 when nick had to much sugar for breakfast

  • Nick going tryhard on that drop

  • oof

  • Is that was me I would have played fair and atleast put up a fight

  • Bruh when nick edits it gives me a seizure😂😂

  • -6:23 come at me boss man

  • Hi nick

  • Refreshing

  • I survived the drop and got the golden outlet for Lara Croft

  • there's a rift you can go through the floor above oreilla

  • Al those bots, this game is really dying :)

  • Im checking attendance, please answer with "here" 📋✏

  • 1V1?

  • Love nick

  • Omg ace kirbzter i know him

  • i wish i can see your live stream

  • Best video I’ve seen today

  • 5:13 omg

  • I know another way get good at the game

  • How to survive the new island hot drop: Just do what Nick does.

  • Nick:only take the guaranteed shots Also Nick misses two shots in a row

  • You know in the top part theres a rift right? Cause game 1 and 2 you did not went through it

  • Nick is so funny

  • 7:05 Dababy

  • I found yesterday the mythic red fish

  • Hi Nick your the best

  • "Just become a pro-streamer.... LoL"-Nick Eh 30

  • Let’s we all have a good laugh on the last guy

  • Are you have suport a creator code

  • When you don’t have the battlepass 😭

  • ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉᵎ

  • One of my fav videos! LOL so good!

  • Nick is the best content creator content creator/Pro player

  • Definition of Nick Eh 30: kind, respectful, nice, honest, calm

  • Keep up the great content! I love how your always so entertaining!!

  • imma get me a few stream snipers

  • nic can you add me plz

  • Nick cuss once. In a while ur not fun when u dont rage

  • whats the longest you have had someone boxed / trapped for in your edits, i know i wouldnt wanna be boxed by you lol

  • Best fortnite guide ever

  • note the 47 mechanical parts :DD

  • Who remembers the "Just around the street there are some cool kids that use code nickeh30 no spaces in the item shop, You cool?" intro from like 2018?

  • my fortnite name is BroBroYo

  • Good vid

  • Pro nickeh30 is back!!

  • Wen i died by her she had a mythical primal ar

  • i wouldnt wear gold lara croft when going there because ppl might think you have the scar

  • He is one of my favourite gamers I don’t even like watching gamers but he is awesome

  • Just laying on top of it and wait

  • Get wrecked Eh Hype 💪🔥❤️

  • He's playing it so seriously like scrims bruh this ain't world cup

  • Bruh the guy at the end💀 but hey Jesus loves all of you. You can turn to him whenever you'd like especially if you're having a rough time. Look up Roman's 10:9. God bless you.

  • Hey nick you can geth a purple pump at the poi in front of the legendary scar 💪

  • Nick you know it’s hard to drop a 20 bomb the lobbies go down so fast

  • HI

  • he still lost

  • I got the gold scar came 2nd nearly won. And those kills look easy

  • Everyone is bad except the ones that let people do challenganes

  • are you from texas the singing mann


  • falconfire11 interesting……. Better hope I don’t have nothing recent 😈

  • Hi.

  • Big banger his the best youtuber bad cool and nice i su. And like

  • It goes and leaves

  • It goes then it comes back

  • Did anyone notice Nick's huge improvement in fights?

  • It goes then it comes back

  • His edits and building r smooth

  • Why couldn’t he crouch?

  • can you make more videos please

  • You know that situation is really relatable.

  • 3:15 is A Facebook Streamer name Kibzter Gaming please shout him out

  • getting the golden lara croft was so difficult to get lol