I fished all game for THIS to happen

Objavljeno 14. maj. 2021
• Fortnite wild week 2, Fish Fiesta memes. Buffed fishing spots, spawn rate increase of Pro Fishing Rod, rare fish and more....
I stitched together 3 games in this video, so it all flows like one game. Did you notice?
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  • Nick wins only with fish and heals while I can’t even win with good guns

  • I love it when I get the notification “Someone subscribed to you” and “Someone liked your comment 👍”

  • NickEH is the nicest person like ever. He's all about positivity!

  • I got 23 out one spot i GLICHED THE GAME

  • omg

  • How did the player count go from 18 to 30?

  • I bet someone has also found a Midas flopper

  • I love this vid

  • 1 we got a ..... 2 we got a .... 3 we got a .... 4 we got a .... 5 we got a ..... 6 we got a .... 7 we go a number one victory royale yeah fortnite we bout to get down get down 10 kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town (sings chug jug with you).

  • Almost didn't see that were 2 tries :) well edited

  • I got like 6 vendeta floppers

  • I love it when I get the notification “Someone subscribed to you” and “Someone liked your comment 👍”

  • I love it when I get the notification “Someone subscribed to you” and “Someone liked your comment 👍”

  • Did you see faze replays vid of only stink fish

  • 12:02: what is nick

  • 8:24: my mind nick that’s nasty

  • 5, 10, 15 something 😂😂

  • he got us in the first half, ngl

  • i got a win from fishing loot i got it from fresh and nick eh 30

  • It was cool but the thing is that he left i think the first mach and won the second one because he has 1 kill and i look back it at 0 kills but still the game was amazing

  • Clickbait Eh 30

  • 7:17 21 Stinkfish.... Is 21 Savage bad copy

  • استمر يا اسطورة🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍


  • Nick acts like fishing is Gambling

  • The tytle should of been is winning a game of fofrtnite

  • My freind got 2 vendetta floppers from 1 fishing spot in a duos game with me

  • You can eat stink fish

  • I don't know how you survived

  • 13:15 that one dude in the creative fill


  • I got a vendetta fish one day and my friend accidentally ate it.. That was the day I learned true depression

  • Never knew that fishing could be so intense

  • Prolly the most wholesome guy on fortnite. Nick and novos on fb. Love these cats

  • ayo what did he say he said that he will box them up and stink them up real good

  • I saw the satisfying clip on the shorts

  • You’re the best

  • Nick 2021: 5 10 15 30 50?!

  • Hi

  • why is this pinned?

  • Nick eh 30: ahh I'm a 1hp in his head. also Nick eh 30:a flopper yes. Nick eh 30 again: pops the flopper off. me: HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE FISHY ARMY. also me: FISHY ARMY ATTACK!

  • Nick your videos are the best

  • isint a vendatta fish rare like a lot

  • Nice!

  • He killed kiwis at the end

  • NICKEH30, found my creator code finally

  • thid is very raist becase he eat fish and and that is raist to us fishys and tiko fans

  • K now he is eating!

  • Um... can't Nick use the stink fish when he doesn't have any other fish??

  • it went to 18 player to 29 but all love

  • The way he says car 😂

  • The chances of nick getting into circle with 50 or more health and full stink fish was lower than my parents credit scores

  • Wow you got to be sweating at the game you're so bad 😡😡😡

  • I got 30 Vendetta floppers in five games

  • Does he not know that a vendata fish is really rare

  • I hate You

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  • 4:04 18 people left after some while 28 people left

  • Man nick eh 30 is like the only one who interacts with the community

  • 6:43 Midas flopper

  • I literally was wondering about if vandetta flopper was still out I seen this video fate.

  • Be careful... Fishstick will kill u

  • Who remember when nick eh 30 played hello neighbor hide and seek Man Everyone was like shouting at there home go theeeeeere there there there I was shouting 😂😂

  • Code NickEh30

  • You are COOL

  • YOUR THE BEST PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is so freaking cool and entertaining 😂😂🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this video is really dope please do more of those hard challenges

  • Wait I think I saw this on the shorts channel is this where he stinks everyone?

  • The fact that he won

  • Nick not caring the least about the vendetta flipper while me grinding public matches trying to find it for 4 months strait and can’t fid it

    • Elliot sorry but sense flopper is not a word it auto corrects it to flipper

    • learn english

  • Sheeesh

  • To

  • I got the vendetta flapper

  • Click bate no goldfish

  • Nice dude

  • Love it

  • what how

  • I dunno why but I got so happy when you won😂🎉

  • it's so great watching nick because he is one of those people who like mostly never swear especially when he is streaming

  • at the end that is were he entered sweat mode

  • This was soooo entertaining ngl

  • Am i wrong or is Nick just a vibe???

  • Legend

  • i go the gold fish on my 2nfd try

  • Nick's so lucky and also a genius

  • Vvvv v. Vv.

  • 4:12 , 4:13 did he switched the game cause he had 1 kill at first and now he have 0 kills 🤔

  • POV: your trying to find a time stamp comment for when he finds the Mythic Gold fish

  • Love ❤️ ur upload dude have a good day!!

  • May god bless u

  • Bro can u post every day becoz u always make my day

  • I got 5 vendetta fish

  • The fact that you travelled across the map to get out of the storm and STILL WON is amazing

    • @Gabriel West watch the video before looking at the comments

    • Thanks for spoiling it smh

    • @Trivergent yea I should’ve😂 I didn’t think of it

    • Yeah but you souldven Writer EH-mazing

  • wow this guy is so nice i wish he lived in my town and we were friends

  • Hi

  • A b c d e f mythic fish

  • My friend found vandetta flopper

  • Stan lee: excuse me are you tony stank Rodey: yes this is tony stank Tony opens the packageand get a stink fish from epic games

  • ADD ME