Nick Eh 30 reacts to NEW Exotic Bow! (UNSTABLE)

Objavljeno 27. apr. 2021
New Fortnite update v16.30! Unstable Bow exotic weapon, Raz's new Explosive Bow, and Neymar Jr skin and challenges!
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  • 1:57 double exotic bow be like

    • @Dream 2.0 Nickey like Mickey

    • @Nick Eh 30 it do be

    • @Nick Eh 30 tongue twister

    • @Nick Eh 30 that hurt my brain lol

    • EH you are the best Fortnite player ever that I know 2 best X2 twins

  • 9:12 transition was🔥🔥🔥

  • how is that backbling called

  • *razs inzine bow* Nick eh 30 2021

  • When I like something 7:19

  • I like how we 360 and changed in to neymar jr

  • I got a win with that today it was a 15 kill game

  • That must stink for the drift skin he was trying to do his spire quest I saw his arm out

  • Pleasant park aha more like populated park

  • 9:09 is the best transitions ever

  • That transition tho

  • I likey

  • Im really disappointed

  • It was nicc

  • goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood bow

  • I haré bowes

  • 4:26i dont think he read the heavy impact part

  • Nick those were not stream snipers they were doing their challenges

  • Transition do be clean tho

  • OK 30 did you know there’s a new area by the B on a map have no name

  • Who is your editor I love the way ur videos are edited and I want to learn how to do that myself

  • I love nick because he dose not rage quit

  • I like how nick drops the weapons to see the details to the gun it’s pretty cool ☺️

  • why did he ruin a game of football with the only players who arent sweats

  • That edit though

  • Check the battle pass From the ?

  • 967 comment here :)

  • I love the phrase “you weren’t born to be perfect. You were born to be you”

  • 1000 iq grapple

  • Nick always hits clean shots.

  • Nick Slay

  • Dat transition

  • Kevin the cube

  • I love ur content Nick

  • 7:00 69

  • 07:06 thats me

  • I likey

  • Endzon bow

  • Exotic king Sheesh

  • I dare you to do a video but with an English accent

  • I’m a fan fan

  • I love you vids

  • can i just say nick eh 30 has the beast races

  • bro that nay mar transition was smooth

  • The 360 was so smooth

  • Fortnite has to add a chug bow it shoots chug barrels and it works with your teamate

  • Nick eh 30 is the best

  • banger

  • I've seen thing's go white before

  • day 13 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 🙂💜

  • 9.10 at that part so sick good job

  • when he hit that my controller disconnected 2:00

  • You can still do the falldamage thing with harpoon gun on Raz

  • Btw I wrote the order

  • Ssessef

  • When he see the neymar jr skin. Me: "I likey"

  • This sucks RobinX is way better

  • بوت

  • 7:38 its the new pleselt, people all over

  • dude your game always do something funny i just laugh

  • they weren't stream snipers they werevtrying to do the challenges

  • Your a hod nick

  • When ur freind says hmm which one to I want stink bow or shockwave bow or fire bow or explosive bow then there is a unstable bow he’s like I’ll take shockwave 10 minutes later in the match sees nick a 30 he was like WHY DIDINT I GRAB THE UNSTABLE BOWh

  • Anyone else watching during school?

  • Nice flick at the end

  • 3.07 he sound like alia tho

  • The transition to neymar is epic

  • You got clapped by cxltures once

  • 2:15 “I’m gonna go up right into him”

  • Nick eh 30 thought those were stream snipers when they were people doing there challenges 😂. We all love Nick eh 30 😂

  • 1:00 it’s a gear nick! Right?

  • Hi

  • 9:10 that transition tho 🤯

  • 9:10 that translation was sick

  • Love the edit with the bow and shotgun combo, great content as always thanks for making my day Nick

  • 9:11 holy crap that was SOOOO clean 🤩🤩🤩

  • 9:12🤯

  • Don’t kill them they where doing challenged

  • It only does one more explosion

  • I feel so bad for that guy he must have took Havle the game to kill him and then lost it

  • 9:10 that transition tho

  • and the best youtuber is nickeh30

  • Yo

  • Check out TheBoovX for some epic fortnite gameplay!

  • Do a Rogue Company vid plss😅

  • I love the... we got Neymar and let's equip him "Transition"

  • that was a great transition into neymar

  • the edit at 9:12 is insane

  • Tooo bad the neymar skin isn’t on mobile 😔

  • I saw half on ur tik tok

  • I love whoever edits the video it makes it funnier

  • Who else love Nick’s third person titles? They are “Ehmazing”

  • yoo 9:10 Me likey ME LIKEY

  • I love how nick always hits nice clips whenever something new comes out

  • Can I have code for the get griddy emote pls

  • Nick's name literally 1 letter away from having his career cancelled. Nick Ah 30

  • Best transition i have seen

  • am so mad he did not kill raz pecus he cod have gotton the steyl for raz

  • Wait you can get the neymar skin by doing challenges?

  • I told him to do was chasing him he was like give me shock wave although every time he got a shot boy if he just shot and he was like give me a shockwave