The official Nick Eh 30 Deathrun!

Objavljeno 4. maj. 2021
• First reaction to my own creative deathrun!
• Map code: 5861-4759-0438
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  • 7:06 lol

  • i like when nick eh30 said nick farted i lauged a lot

  • Nick Eh 30: Hey that’s me when I get a haircut! Me: dying of laughter lol 😂

  • You probs won’t see this but your fort twitch stream was on my birthday

  • 4:38 the best photo

  • 4:04 they said woah at the same time

  • The 18 means eh team

  • 4:37 ummm that is a 9 not a 0

  • 2:04 eh team

  • Nickeh30 is best SLnumberr ever I love his vids so much

  • This is ehmazing

  • ehmazing vid

  • 7:05 to see meme face


  • I really hope more youtubers start making creative mode content. You can make such amazing things.. cool maps, game modes, mini games... endless amounts of content.

  • Hey

  • You live in hellafax

  • I’m just confused about one of the questions he said your football jersey but it says 29 not 30

  • “It only took 35 minutes!”

  • Nick. Dang it Bobby. Me. legitimately named Bobby.

  • 0:29 Me when the new FNaF game comes out:

  • Can you make a vid of like the best setting and tips

  • no one nick playing mario: walawigi walaweenie

  • When he says eh team it sounds like he's saying 18

  • the 18 hear closley to nick saying 18 it sounsnlike eh-team

  • This is eh mazing

  • Amazing

  • you a big brain

  • I love that when they helped him he congratulationted them instead of taking the credit.

    • @Cladzim if your gonna reply don't self-promote. Make content don't beg.

    • My parents say I get a PC PC at 1k pls help me 🥺🥺🥺

  • But the football jersey said 39...

  • 3:07 he literally privated all his yt streams ❌

  • *now*

  • And yes there was death runs and scary maps but they also had prop hunt hide n seek and story maps

  • And for the fact that there is creative mode which makes no sense cause Garry mod is basically creative mode but with blood bit harder building and you can spawn in all sorts of things

  • I remember when he played the last of us back in the day and I wish he still did that cause fortnite is so overrated just for the fact that you can build in a battle royal game

  • Nick! I’m so sorry I can’t get your skin today, my mum won’t let me get vbucks today

    • Nvm I’m getting it 😍

  • Very pog very pog sheeeesh bussin bussin

  • I'm gonna play this map if anyone wanna friend me its nalana109612

  • Nick i drew you i just want to show you im 9 so i dont have any apps and stuff

  • Nick i drew you i just wish i could show you im

  • Eh teen

  • I can’t do it

  • You go to charch and i thin k your my grampas friend drew and on holaween you went as a fiterfiter i love your videos keep it up um if you see thispls can you play with me pls user chillhill0307 or proclanchill0703 love your vidios

  • Jesus loves you 👾

  • The 18 meant eh team I think

  • Do Canadian ppl say football like England?

  • Can you make a vid over the Tac being unvaulted

  • My cousin is mocking ur name he’s saying mick

  • nick was it 3down football

  • Me waiting for his icon skin

  • NICe!

  • 7:07loll

  • Anyone remember Nick eh 30 from TLOU


  • Please put a ❤ on me because your the best youtuber ever :)

  • 👁 👃👁 👄

  • So good ehamazing

  • The 18 on the table meant a-team

  • We likey we likey likey likey

  • Your my fav fn SLnumberr ❤️

  • 🙂👦🙃😺😂🙂😛👦😇😘👦😚👦🙂😐😍😺🙃😂🧑😋👦🙂😐😍🦾🙃👥🙂😺

  • Also can you stream on SLnumber and do some customs PleASe

  • Keep up the hard work

  • Nick You have the best Content i love your Positivity

  • Nick won’t see this, but i donated to him known as “Eriksyn” and i met him in real life in Halifax during the Polar Plunge

    • My parents say I get a PC PC at 1k pls help me 🥺🥺🥺

    • That’s amazing dude I’m a huge fan of him!! I hope to meet him one day :)

  • Nick remember when you tryed to make a box tower you can try to do the same thing witch tiers

  • Hey Nick, you should do a a new video about a race, like around the map with teammates like a relay or changing vehicles along the way with some traps or other people on the si shooting or cheering. Eh-Mazing Video BTW 😄( Like if you guys like the idea)

  • Wanna play together?


  • YES

  • Bro how old are you 😂😂

  • This deathrun actually looks fun

  • Well this was absolutely awesome

  • Love you man be strong and never give up

  • Hey Nick are you gonna play the Fortnite Creative Mayhem

  • Frae gun

  • And use code nick eh no spades in the item shop and nick fire update new the draw gun is backkk

  • I love it nick

  • Wow

  • Hi Nick i just wanna say i love you and your vids when im sad i always watch them and keep up the good work

  • Nick eh 30 I wanna be like u🤜

  • Love to see the youtubers i watch since chapter 1 still play fortnite

  • Can you do a video where you play withn controller

  • I got the much and your code

  • I miss the daily youtube streams

  • When im bored i just watch nick eh 30 keep up the good work

  • Nick eh 30 deserves his own skin so much he is so fun to watch

  • Btw this is 2 days late but for the 18 part on the desk in the family friendly zone it was supposed to be like Eh team 18 eh team sounds the same

  • Wasssssup nick

  • Wasssssup nik

  • Oh and my mom loves when u laugh

  • Y is nick like the best and nicest person I know

  • I just love watching Nicks vids. I have been watching for so long and even when I take a break from fortnite I will still watch Nicks vids. Keep up the amazing work!!!💯

  • P O G

  • Can you uplod more

  • For the meme the team for the eh team

  • Wow cool

  • hi nick im a fan and love your vids this is my name in fortnite if you want to add me xdcooperkupp

  • Hi

  • Nick can you add me im a big fan and when you lagh i lagh