We tricked people with rare loot...and they fell for it!

Objavljeno 26. maj. 2021
0:00 Harpooning players off a trap tower by baiting loot, above a mountain, with @FaZe Replays and @Duke of a nukes !
5:07 Driving 3 semi-trucks down a huge ramp to eliminate players going for loot!
9:16 Building a huge base with the center edited so people fall straight through!

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  • Pun intended with the title...they literally fell for it :D Just finished editing this Eh Team! Hope you enjoy!

    • To 1 Canada man to order i have this channel Nick eh 30 makes me Laugh so hard

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  • 14:53 you should of baited the loot a bit further back onto the second flat surface so the loot wont fall down when you edit the floor, that way you could've edited the people down as they stepped onto the surface in which you're both holding edits for but the loot will be on the other surface so the players will fall but the loot will survive as they're running towards it

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  • These are unique ways to trap people. Awesome guys!


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  • I remember when I would watch this guy everyday of my life but i quit watching him quit playing the game altogether, I'm starting to realize that man of wisdom was right. "You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me." - Thanos

  • Time stamp if anyone needs it 0:00 harpooning players of trap tower 5:07 driving 3 semi-trucks down a huge ramp 9:16 building a huge base with edited center so people fall straight through. Hope this helps

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