Guess the Fortnite YouTuber!

Objavljeno 16. maj. 2021
Watching Fortnite streamers and trying to guess who it is without hearing their commentary or seeing their facecam.
• Speedrun Round starts at 14:04
• Creators include: Benjyfishy, Bugha, Clix, SypherPK, TimTheTatman, NickMercs, Ninja, PewDiePie Pokimane, and more.
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  • Best part is the speedrun round at 14:04!

    • @YoJo Gaming bruh u got 4.6k subs I HAVE 25 BE GRATEFUL

    • I started crining with the ninja and tfue clip you couldnt guess

    • I got 6 right

    • I literal guessed the first one with no doubt 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    • Can you add me on fortnight I wanna Subscribe you forever on SLnumber

  • I new it was x2twins cause the skin

  • Savages edit is r Every fan knows

  • I got Jordan within 2 seconds

  • I watched the Ronaldo one

  • When I am sad and then when I watch Nick Eh 30 it makes my happy

  • You’re so good

  • who else knew the first one?

  • 5 head daddy

  • You should turn on Vistula sound affects it will help you see were everybody and everything is

  • I got them all right

  • Chica has that combo

  • i swear to god i knew it was x2twins i watch them ALL the time

  • evry round nick says ronaldo

  • I knew it was Lazar he played that track before

  • 3:11 I bet that kid is happy he got compared to MrSavage

  • 1st could be mcreamy is my guess

  • its sooooo funny nick

  • Its x2twins because of the rap

  • I new the first one was x2twins because I always watch them and they wear that skin a lot

  • I dont think it was fair bc it should have been first to guess since the beginning

  • The first was obvious because they are the only people who use that skin and wrap

  • Only Jordan has the zesty rap

  • The first one is x2 twins because of the wrap

  • Is it just me or could I tell by the facecam cooler like Ron sypher ok and chica

  • 1:40 X2 from the skin and wrap

  • I got mrsavage from combo

  • Savage r to edit

  • I knew that the first one was x2twins because the skin the posted I vid with there new main skin

  • Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I got the first one


  • The 1st one is x2 twins. Lol

  • Y’all saying Ronaldo me boi what are u talking about I saw the skin and I was like x2

  • Yes I knew it was x2twins!

  • I got the first one right because of the skin

  • X2 twins first one

  • Where is typical 🎮 they crossed him and not showed him

  • I got all of them right eh team Nick play with safer and replays and try get 5 doubts in a row good content

  • I got 25 correct

  • The x2twin

  • Umm he didnt do tg

  • The chunky tree seemingly pour because belief phytochemically notice abaft a public kenya. finicky, burly hole

  • See first one the wrap should’ve gave it away and skin


  • The first one was x2twins Jordan

  • I knew it was the x2 twins

  • i got 32


  • 'Got the Juice WRLD playin'

  • When i saw the first skin I knew it was jordon

  • Xtwins

  • I guessed laser beam because he was messing up edits and when have you ever seen Lachlan use cluck

  • you guys should do this again

  • 2:50 its nick eh 30

  • I got twenty two plaoints

  • Anyone see how nickmercs 200 pumped someone at the end of the vid

  • The first clip was such an X2Twins clip

  • sheeeeeesh

  • Me as a oce player the first one Omg x2twins

  • I got 25

  • How did they not put my boy mongraal on here

  • Day 6 of trying to get 1k subs by the end of the week

  • The first one I knew and was laughing at the Ronaldo story but just lol

  • Ingot the first won right

  • 12:46 bruh

  • 4:50 I knew it was Faze sway straight away

  • i knew sypher because of his gun keys TAB E R C X Z

  • Nick I am sub to you with all nodeys

  • 7:20 that laugh tho 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • So bad


  • tim was shown on 12:46

  • 0:29 Nick:” it’s gonna be bugha Benjy or Clix Wait No no no no no it’s Ronaldo” me looking at The wrap BRUHHHHH NICK ITS X2JORDAN!!!!!!!

  • Snqez is as good as savage nice

  • why did bughas skin look like bella porch

  • mrsavage? more like mrs avage

  • X2 twins use the new anime skins I knew it

  • Da Forst von fast x2 da repa it vas Jordan

  • Mr savage or ronaldo

  • I got 24 right k deystroyed

  • Bubbles by Tokyo Machine, pog

  • I know the x2twins so much

  • also how you know it's sypher is because if you look at the face cam you see Red

  • when i saw the snipes for the first one i was like It's x2twins

  • On the first one I knew it was twins

  • nick flag

  • **==

  • I picked x2 twins on the first one because their facecam is always there and the skin is the skin they would wear

  • Got every thing right at the normal round

  • I knew the first one was X2 Twins cause of the skin

  • First clip I saw rap and skin s d knew it was x 2

  • 15:05 WHAt did you just say about pokimaine

  • The superficial calculator systematically radiate because love inherently wrap amongst a best jail. jolly, concerned shake

  • He said he looks like he knows what hes doing so it cant be bugha lol

  • Really fun

  • X2 Twins always use that wrap

  • It’s two twins

  • I remember when nick used to do pushup-ups on his videos man I miss that it was funny.

  • Sees the thumbnail sees lazarbeam are u sure about that he gets carried by a kid