Nick Eh 30 reacts to Guess the Song in Fortnite!

Objavljeno 23. maj. 2021
• Fortnite Guess the Song #1 (made by Jango11) ➔ 3337-6317-0071
• Avengers Endgame "portals" theme song (made by Jennyello) ➔ 3228-8713-6858
• Fortnite Guess the Song #2 (made by itsgloxinia) ➔ 0720-6772-9721
• Fortnite Guess the Song #3 (made by zerok) ➔ 4123-0100-6140
• Fortnite Juice Wrld concert (made by Jango11) ➔ 6992-5674-6653

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  • My sister loves Taylor swift and she cried Whelen she got a shirt for Christmas

  • 8:12

  • Not so family-friendly with song choice, eh?

  • Hey nick check out I OK I

  • Can someone tell the name of the song of first beat in the juice wrld concert with the red lights

  • Oh my god my childhood songs are flooding in

  • Who knows every song it's easy


  • noo you don't know xxtentacion XC

  • 13:26 nicks face 😂 I love nick

  • Ok ya I said timber by KESHA too I always do but it’s pitbull 😂

  • 8:15 cringe

  • 8:02

  • Even tho I was born in 2008 never gonna give you up is like my top 2 fav songs idk why its just catchy and its like from 3 decades before I was born Edit: for some reason I know more of the old songs than the rap and dj and just like the song made after 2010

  • Nick really hitting different, he be hitting those high note tho

  • Commet on this if you sang along

  • im proud that nick is still remembering micheal jacksons songs when he died and its been a year since he died

  • Nice

  • Nick masked wolf

  • Nick: Family Friendly The Song Title At 13:40: 😂

  • He doesn’t know the words to. The songs he just goes like this .ddddddduuuuuuddd

  • All the songs that you know I know

  • I love how on the never gonna give you up one (Rick Asley) he sings the ring lyrics

  • I liked the video, because he is very entertaining and always has a smile on face

  • This video gives me so much life omg!

  • 9:46 Nick’s a swiftie??? If so I’m happy

  • Love it when he dances to the song

  • Xxxtentacion

  • me and my best friend love juice wrld so later we gonna enjoy the concert together-

  • Alone

  • Faded

  • No one: Nick : USE TO KNOOW

  • 9:49 it’s Taytay

  • honestly just love this guy i will forever support u


  • Hi

  • Grown man dancing to rick roll and new song like his still in his 20s

  • When I heard all girls are the same it waS on point it was SO GOOD Same w/ lucid dreams Same with bandit And robbery

  • Say my name was ez

  • When I heard moonlight im like EZ Nick not knowing 😔 Rip x

  • i subbed

  • Great moves

  • My nickname is after Snoop Dogg

  • Shut yo yo

  • 8:10 crakes me up every time

  • We got Rick rolled

  • Wishing well is 3 favourite 2 all girl are the same 1 lured dreams

  • I love juice world song and I now ever one

  • This guy is mad talented seriously.

  • 6:22 get Rick rolled

  • 6:22 we have been rickrolled ._.

  • What are the codes for the maps?

  • I listen TO all these songs on a daily basis

  • It’s good to see this kind of excitement in a fortnite video.

  • Bro I now the whole song to every edm songs

  • did anyone else notice that during the concert his fps was dropping?

  • Bro where is chug jug witch you

  • 7:40 avengers endgame song

  • Nick Eh 30 likey

  • Nick should be a professional singer 😂 8:06

  • JUST subbed dude you are awesomeee

  • Cringe wen he sings

  • When nick dosnt know the words duddudusudususu

  • How did he auto walk

  • I love nick he’s just way to funny

  • I love how he gets hipe over taytay

  • Xx

  • I HATE how he doesn’t know the lyrics but thinks he does


  • 6:20 seen this on tik tok

  • Pov your nick eh 30's neighbor aye aye aye du do na na du na na na

  • Did i just get rick rolled in a Nick eh 30 video

  • He said sponge Bob doesn’t sell pizza remember the pizza episode. The krusty krab pizza is the pizza for u and meeeeee!

  • So many memories

  • the krenge do

  • Fortnite messed up creative bad

  • Nick Singing ??????

  • me I wish they had a song from xx and at 2:16 they had moonlight


  • That one song that nick did not know was bandit with juice wrld and youngboy never broke again I love that song

  • Never gonna sing again cause of copyright LMAO

  • 6:22 we got rickrolled big time

  • Eminem is my favorite singer and rapper.

  • Nick likey likey

  • Me: recognizes endgame song immediately. Nick: this isn't endgame My head: BOOMER ALERT BOOMER ALERT

  • How I find my new music playlist 🤣🤣

  • Follow nick eh 30 on Twiter

  • LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tt

  • Juice doesn’t sing “what you know about rollin down in the deep” mask wolf lol 😂

  • Moral of the video: Don't listen to Nick sing

  • Rick rolled!

  • There is more concerts there is xxtxtentacion concert and travis scott concert and marshmello concert all in creative

  • Only queen fans could like

  • Lol mans just gets to hype

  • He is such a beutiful singer

  • Me at 3am viben with nick

  • 8:07

  • Are you good ?