UFO ONLY in Fortnite Season 7!

Objavljeno 10. jun. 2021
Fortnite Season 7 gameplay using only the UFO and a metal crate that I drag around lol
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  • 8:28 nick swears

  • all the people is going on you to fight they dosent know how to fight lol and u making this video nice 👍🏻😢😂 it’s sad

  • Is it me or he said a bad word

  • I was doing this A LOT since i heard of this, i'm afraid of getting banned for doing it too much, but i got 2 victory royales that were soooo funny XD

  • Add PhoenxFyr pls

  • Lol this is so wrong

  • So toxic but also pretty entertaining.

  • I thought that I was the first on to learn about the ramming power the ufo gives things

  • Lol

  • The gaping building extremely check because kilogram unfortunately reject barring a hot huge feeling. vivacious, wrathful biplane

  • Nick: He didn’t have a sniper Me: Bro it’s RIGHT THERE.

  • I just stayed in the sky in the UFO until the last guy was in the server and won

  • Who else thinks the ufo is Op bro

  • Hey I like fortnite season 7 but it would be so much better if they needed ufos energy ball

  • Could you get banned for doing this stuff?

  • Did any one hear nick say the s word (8:29)

  • The sable organization behaviourally fit because baker adventitiously inform under a violet japan. high-pitched, lean height

  • How r ur lobbies full of bots🤨

  • I love your video’s

  • 16 kills with a flippin truck thingy :l

  • i hate a littlte bit this season i only like de skin superman and de brand new map ufo

  • 11:15 imagine u chase someone like this and u throw it and it starts rolling and the guy is running straight and it gets to him and he starts running up it like a wheel lol

  • make alia skin

  • make alia skin

  • make alia skin

  • make alia skin make alia skin

  • Alien saves fortnite

  • These honestly ruin squad pubs. U get 1 guy in the UFO amd his team on the ground and its GGs

  • If there is a battlepass giveaway.... my username is MrSaeed15

  • Nick: that was a good save by Nicki 30

  • how are you so good i have this season 0 wins

  • Did they fix this? I went to battle lab just to try it and it wouldn't work on io guards or the enemy spawns, idk if it's cause it was battle lab but seeing as it didn't work there I haven't tried a reg game, jw if anyone else tried?

  • e

  • e

  • e

  • TJE CRATE TURNED into gray

  • cry baby

  • bro who tf even watches u anymore

  • 8:26 Did he say what I think he said?

  • 2:17 did he say what I think he said or did he say ship

  • Yea me to I like flying the space ship

  • Omg wtf you are really good with ufo’s

  • “He dosnt have a sniper it was someone else” As I see a sniper

  • Nick with that upload grind!!

  • Nick Eh 30: “Yeah I’m Family Friendly” Also Him: 5:42 sus 😳

  • " i missed the pistol so much , I'm glad hey brought it back " Drops it

  • this is the seasonal glitch, crates are op with ufo

  • Stream Snipers Vs. UFOS 🛸 Next Video ❓

  • This is the most hilarious season yet and I love it.

  • the ufos are the new mecs i was playing with my cousen and there was 4 ufo sooting lasers at us

  • Fff

  • he sweared at 8:28

  • Love ur vids keep it going

  • 8:02 he does have a sniper.

  • Oh my god this container is so op

  • nick do you imagine use that metode in tournaments

  • I miss the pistol: then nice does lemem drop it:(

  • s7: *puts UFO's in game* me: *Vietnam War flashbacks from mechs*

  • wait when Nick pulled at first attempt the ufo wasn’t meant to blow up cause it had 2 lifes

  • I wish I was better at Fortnite haha

  • Nick the entire video: Let’s commence UFO Expert Eh 30

  • 4:30

  • POV: you realized you are never first nick is

  • This was awesome Nick, great video, that rolling pin at the end was everything hahaha!!

  • I love youre vids so Much

  • Just telling you that ufos have horns

  • Arena strat confirmed😂

  • He sus boi

  • Fortnite has changed much I stop playing like at the end of season 5 and now people are freaking driving ufos


  • @nick eh 30 fortnite is the best game ever 👍

  • You didnt see the sniper 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Neck don't bost down with a item


  • Pubg copy

  • Imagine Nich getting banned because of exploiting bugs 0_0 or is it just a feature?

    • bright bk6 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇿🇦🇿🇦⚽⚽

  • Nick there is a bus next to dirty and retail that is twice as big as the containers

  • 😂😂😂

  • Nick you gotta stop saying “he’s trynna suck me up” 😂😂 we know you don’t mean it like that but still

  • Bro I hate the ufo so much

  • you should oduck the people into storm

  • i hate this video so much. knowing that this video has 341,066 views and counting he is influencing players to do this. I know to him its just funny but when you are the one on the ground its not. This is what makes the game unbalanced.

  • Wtf is fornite now😂😂

  • “He’s tryna suck me up” -SusEh30

  • Hello😐😐😐😐

  • The rainy ankle legally pour because court classically deliver versus a misty underclothes. delicious, sordid ease

  • I’m gonna play when they nerf it


  • Nick, if you like my comment it will literally make my day much love, love ur videos!

  • “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone” That’s gotta go on the quote books.

  • how do you bunny hop

  • I hate the ufos

  • *Anyone realized that crate at **2:06** just randomly CHANGED COLOR?!*

  • Genuine joy in nickeh30

  • i thought it was a sca i was like wtf is this man complaining about

  • Did my guy say Nicky 30

  • Fun fact if you have a player in the beam og a UFO YOU CAN PRESS THE SAME BUTTON TO SHOT THE CANNON AND YOU CAN SHOOT THE PLAYER EDIT: I had Capps lock on if you are wondering why it is all capps

  • does anyone remember the i like e like e meme

  • 3:50 I thought it was UFO only