Nick Eh 30 reacts to Season 7 GAMEPLAY CHANGES!

Objavljeno 9. jun. 2021
• Reacting to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 new UFO vehicles, alien weapon technology, POI changes, and map changes!
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  • You're cracked with the rail gun

  • 4:00 That Slurp truck kill got you a new subscriber Lmao.

  • 13:25

  • Guys am I the only one who realise this where's Jones because the other guy survived and Jones didn't

  • Nobody questions the grey pump

  • Y

  • 8:24 Is no one going to talk about how aura counted down her ufo abduction

  • .

  • Throwback to the SLnumber live streams and the lack of the keyboard cam

  • Did he just say “suck me up”😳

  • Bro the last part I laughed so hard 😂🤣😂

  • 😂😂”please suck me up”

  • god this game sucks now

  • tell me that the combo recon scanner and rail gun is OP without telling me that the combo recon scanner and rail gun is OP

  • You said ray gun when it was rail gun lol

  • I can just imagine TG and Nick playing a duo tourney toghether

  • You are recording nick what do you mean nick reacts to season 7

  • Nick l love your vids and you have inspired Me to be a SLnumberr thx so much my dream is to meat you in person

  • Isn’t this weird I got a 30 second ad!

  • You can upgrade the ray gun

  • Nick Eh 30 Brings Warm And Happy Feelings !!

  • Man said ray gun instead of a rail gun 😂

  • Bot sorry I just no how everything works at the start the 3 lives and u can boost 3 time in a row and there a batty and u can shoot and up

  • Hi

  • best victory ever 15:04

  • Killing 100 players with ray gun?

  • Nick pls gift me the battle pas

  • 1:17 dream be like

  • This seasons just broken

  • Nick with da wall hacks

  • Hin

  • Nick you can get the space ships only at the purple spots and if you shoot a npc in a space ship they fall if you kill the npc you get a really cool wepon

  • How did you see renagade raider

  • 4:02 😂😂😂

  • Hhhhhhhhlhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you spot the n

  • Defaults are so funny, they just jump and spam with a tac and just pray

  • Nick: Maybe you should keep him alive Also Nick: *spams AR

  • Lazarbeam: IT ONLY HITS FOR 30!? Nick: Wow that does a lot of damage

  • Nick eh30 was one that i really didn't watch but he's actually really fun SLnumber bless you

  • 7:53 I hear LMG

  • Fortnite: How much Railgun clips do you want? Nick: *yes.*

  • Llamas are so adorable

  • 8:24 perfect timing

  • Hey Nick, i dont know if you’ve found out yet.. but rail guns shoot through walls n stuff

  • Alternate title: Trick shots with Rail Gun in Fortnite

  • This guy make fortnite look fun again

  • Your videos Nick are EHmazing!

  • 0:04 God seeing me at 1 am

  • The rail gun is like the zapatron

  • You will get a lot more views since mobile player are banned

  • "Don't do it" proceeds to 220 headshot snipe. 🤣🤣 Love Nick's "kid on Christmas morning" like excitement! The rail gun and recon scanner combo is so much fun to use!

  • Nick u should get a squad of ufos and spam them in arena on a team it is op

  • Bro nick is so good with the railgun

  • ray gun only

  • We should appreciate how good nick is at the game he is cracked

  • You should do spaceship vs car

  • Hi

  • This guy is too funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • HAY there's no way you killed him that way. Lol see what I did there

  • 3:26 the new skybase strat lol 😂

  • Burst ars are back

  • BRO HOW DID U WIN LIKE 5 GAMES UR FIRST DAY ON ....I haven’t got one😢

  • Who just came here when he did the reaction

  • Next video: how much people can die to the spaceship ball

  • The new season videos are always 🔥🔥

  • Nick need a rail gun montage

  • Everybody if you didn’t know you can stop shaking down an enemy if you press the shake down button while shaking down

  • First game Nick loads in gets a rare chest off spawn. Second game nick loads in gets a scar off spawn out of a regular chest. THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE DEFINITION OF STREAMER LOOT😂

  • 9:25 the disrespect 🤣🤣

  • I love when he says brother

  • I subbed nick

  • Does Ashley new free weapons a real gun that you just got killed by and then the two more I don't know what they're called

  • Jin mori

  • Nick you're reactions are so good I'm loving the season I hope next season will be better

  • Why does every season look better when nick is playing or introducing it


  • Idk y but it just makes me smile when Nick is laughing😂

  • did anyone realize that a car randomly spawned in 4:07

  • They added rick siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick sheesh

  • Nick if you go under the green bridge near corny complex you can get a free ufo

  • Yo

  • Z

  • I’m just here for Nick’s laugh

  • you didnt have to headshot me of the ufo

  • So nobody is gonna talk about 13:27 😂

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a looong time

  • The ending XD

  • If anybody wanted to help me win and add me my name in Fortnite is West more wins

  • We all agree this Season is FUN

  • Nick Eh 30, You should make a video of how many fortnite players you can kill in a straight line with the new sniper 😁

  • use code nickeh30

  • Nick ur awesome man

  • This is the best season 7 gameplay ever

  • ال مكعب راح يراجاع

  • I love how he has so much fun even playing alone😌 you are the best Nick💙

  • New guns are p o for ARENA

  • This whole vid was just nick hitting rail gun shots lol still love the content keep up the great work

  • 13:25 This is a kid channel pretty sus nick

  • Epic is probably going to nerf it