Trio Arena with NickEh30 and Bugha and Zyfa!

Objavljeno 20. maj. 2021
Fortnite Trio Arena with @Bugha and @Zyfa !
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  • you guys should def play more

  • anyone feel like it’s finds unfair that if you spend so much money on this monitor... then you get a huge advantage? when fortnite is made specifically to not be a ‘pay to play’ or ‘pay for advantage’ game?

  • Bro people still play this game lol

  • If anyone wants to learn about Jesus Christ read the Bible or reply and I’ll send you some Bible Verses. The outline of Noah’s Ark was found.

  • Who would win Xbox player (I play on xbox) or Bugha In a 1v1 battle

  • me ohh that monitor looks so good, also me: looks at price 2k, thats more then my holes setup

  • The goated trio bruh

  • Ehhhh!!!

  • Legends like them never die❤️

  • That last clip tho. LOL

  • Thanks for putting monitor in description it really helped me improve my skills I got way better in fortnite now!

  • add monsmons12 pls in fortnnite and monzzter12 i think

  • Imagine Nick eh 39 1v 1 typical gamer that will be epic

  • My lobby is better than yours because Asia servers are super hard

  • Nickeh30 and buga and z is an op team

  • Nice

  • Nick has improved so much it’s crazy

  • I learnt that Nick has the best play style for me to use

  • Not lying clicks set it on a stream

  • He only plays with people that benefit him

  • Watch out Nick is a clout chaser

  • Bugha Vs Nick Eh 30?

  • These 3 should try fncs at least once.

  • D-doodle josé das brennende game

  • That monitor costs more than a PC

  • Bro that was clean

  • Hi

  • I feel like Buga and NichEH30 should 1v1 for the fun of it


  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Finily you play with buga you guys should be a duo

  • i feel this would be a very good comp trio :)

  • I'm 8 mins in...did they even win a game?

  • NickEH30- Didn't crack him but cracked him 🤔 1:24

  • How is that monitor fair? 😂😂

  • Nick man you are actually so good!

  • Who else here is Canadian cus I am

  • This video is EH-Amazing

  • Man I miss this game I don’t play it anymore I was CRACKED THOUGH :( sad memories

  • ZyfaPK 😂

  • I'm underrated btw 🖤

  • I just dropped a banger 😈

  • 2:13 were they at toommys game/

  • 8:20 that laugh always makes me giggle

  • In the title he referred to himself in 3rd person 😀

  • Anyone else see @2:11 actingliketommy was in their game and got a kill?

  • Come on guys! Lets get nick to 6 million subs!!!

  • Sheeesh

  • At 10:34 I thought he was playing creative

  • This is weird why are there no comments

  • Dreamy monitor

  • Love you nick!

  • He should have said please don’t do it 😂

  • wut normal ppl see: sweat wut I see: A WASTE OF MATS

  • we love you nick canada 4 life but he do be rockin the $1800 moniter

  • Lol

  • Look at killed fied at 2:10

  • Actingliketommy was in killed fied if you guys you don’t now him he’s like 85 years old

  • Hi

  • Nick is getting really really good now😲

  • You are the best player in the world nick and i didn't forgot about the like

  • Funny

  • By far the most skilled content creator

  • when i saw syfa in the tittle i thought that he mnt syherpk just be cool like always nickeh30

  • “Uhhh didn’t crack him but cracked him” I LITERALLY CANT STOP LAUGHING

  • Nice trios play more toge Ehhhhhhhh😂❤

  • It's fun to see that even the best fortnite players get killed

  • He doesn’t care when someone steels his kill my teammate screaming at me

  • HAHAHA i love how on bugha's vid it said carrying NickEh30😂🤣

  • how did they change skins mid game

  • Play with tg plays

  • this is insane

  • Nick is actually very good

  • I love u nick

  • Eh

  • What does it mean paid

  • I usually skip sponsors but idk why I enjoyed it this time

  • First game should’ve exploded gascan when you landed for ez tags

  • That monitor looks amazing! Unfortunately its very far out of my price range lol

  • What is up bro

  • Nick you are the best

  • nick be god to play with den bugha

  • 321 ehhhhhh

  • I wish I met bought your so lucky nick

  • New trio?????????

  • 7:16 Nick sayingI wished I had mats while having 130 brick 😂

  • I want the monitor but anyone else see the price its like $2000

  • If you look in kill feed you can see that acting like Tommy is in their game 2:11

  • I didn't cracked him but cracked him

  • Not nick popping off-

  • Why does he remind me of Ian from Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • I made a new yt channel and I've never made one before, anyone have any tips pls

  • i also watched this in bugha's channel

  • nick is getting better because he is keeping up with buga and zifa

  • Nick is getting better and better

  • Why does he put his own name in there😂😂😂edit: the title

  • ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢ

  • Holy crap! I haven't been here for years since you did TLOU multiplayer videos! Even during your "Nick-A-30" channel. I've always thought that you needed more subscribers than you already have, and you're now in the millions!!

  • i already got a 32 inch monitor ....

  • that's the most curved monitor i ever saw! nick love ur vids

  • Sorry nick but u trying to impress them so hard