Nick Eh 30 reacts to NBA in Fortnite + Dualies unvaulted!

Objavljeno 25. maj. 2021
• New Fortnite NBA Creative hub update, and Dual Pistols have been unvaulted! (v16.50)
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  • I have to try doing that with the dualies.

  • You sould do a compare witch dual Pistols do more damage so you get the most damage dual Pistols in the match to win

  • I love nicks reaction


  • ello

  • i suck at laptop fortnite but i am a sweat with ps4

  • Please make me your friend in fortnite

  • I love your videos so much. my fortnite name is nehnehdaman

  • good mecanics (=

  • “That shreds through wood “ Nick eh 30 2021

  • God loves you all

  • don’t say oh my God

  • Jesus loves you all don’t forget

  • 6:15 look at his mechanical parts and bones SHEEEEEEESH

  • Nick eh kills me, me aimbot hacker

  • Hey nickeh30

  • guys please share the Gospel and Pray and read your Bible Jesus will come and he will ask you if you shared his word and had a relationship with him

  • What’s wrong with you and biting your shots you should do a montog

  • Nice shot with the bow Nick jr cracked

  • Can you please add me I need your inspiration, motivation and Positive Vibe. Please add " Chi the beast!" PLEASE

  • Why did you clip him that hard oh my God through the farm 🤣 222

  • Pure iq

  • Its NOT hop rock Dualies Nick !!

  • Nick eh 30 clips should defo be a thing👀

  • What is the wrap he has on the pistols I want it it’s clean

  • Hi, I'm the one you killed at 1:30, greetings from Colombia crack

  • Ever time I come to nicks vids and streams it just makes me happy 😃

  • Qiaizjq

  • Nice

  • How did he do that 0:00 threw 0:15

  • day 32 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 🙂💜

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  • Lit

  • Nice your so underrated you need to do more comp your really good.

  • I used the hoprock duelies allllll season long only thing I spent gold on was my favorite weapon

  • Big brain time

  • Jesús viene y nos ama

  • Jesús is coming and he loves you guys

  • You should make a nick eh 30 react channel

  • That into

  • 1:35 "If I had a tac, he would hv sh*t 3 times" Is that okay for nick r to even say!?!?!?🤔🤔

  • Hes aimbotting

  • I'm so much better than you nick 1v1 me

  • You are the best

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  • this video makes me think he has aimbot or soft aim.

  • Someone please tell me why he used a mini for 5 sheild

  • Nick that shock wave head shot wow

  • This game used to be so fun

  • 2:27 oh snap this shot was epic

  • Hacker

  • Pin this if you liked the hub and your video was great as always

  • I love how nick is so happy I love watching him he's not toxic and not negative

  • I love how he said hop rock Dooleys ps love you channel ❤️

  • Cool vid. Keep on going. I showed this to my sister baby. He loved it😊

  • Yo I like your basketball crossover skin that is sweaty🥵

  • You said hop rock dualise they’re exotic you had normal dualise it’s blue but not exotic it’s rare

  • Sd

  • Omg I’m a big fan

  • I like Nick a 30 because hell he goes in game chat and makes me smile 😃

  • Nick is the best family friendly streamer ever..... actually hes the best one EVER! hes so positive and has a lot of humor

  • When u said Shoot I said shoot me MATE!

  • how do u make every gun in Fortnite look so overpowered?

  • What Happened to Dulles only

  • 2:31 Nick Pog Face

  • 1:48 I want a shirt like that

  • Was that nick swearing at 3:46??????

  • People when nick stops the video 😭😤

  • Nick are you ever going to get a new keyboard?

  • I love how after nick 200'ed the guy in the bush, he spectated nick for a long time in the video thinking that nick was hacking

  • Nick's new style of videos and more uploads is exactly what his channel needed👏 Love em

    • @Amrik Brar that’s what family friendly means though?It wouldn’t be family friendly if it wasn’t for kids

    • Bruh his channel is for little kids and little kids don’t know anything about style lol

    • Only 1 like and no comments- h o w

  • Piece control nick?

  • 2:38 and then to top it off with the *hop rock dulies* iss okay we all mess up🥰

  • I like how Nick say there hop rock duals but there not hop rocked there normal

  • I Am such a Good NBA fan I Love The New Creative NBA Hub And The New NBA Skins Lakers Are My Fav Basketball Team I Love You Nick Youre The Best SLnumberr In The WORLD

  • You edit fast

  • I would be terrified if I was the last guy

  • Hi nick

  • 🐐

  • 2:30 aimbot lol

  • Do you want aimbot nick yes aimbot on

  • I leaked the fps booster to my channel, check it out!

  • I love he keeps saying hop rock dulies and not just dulies 😂😂😂

  • i love how nick just destroy all the little kids in the match trying to stream snipe him and trying to kill XD

  • Even me


  • When your late to his video by watching his other bangers

  • Is Nick technically considered a Man-Child ?

  • I love how nick is so positive he just keeps a smile on my face everyday 58

  • This is how many times nick says hop rocks I like 1hop rock

  • Alternative title : Nick prooving that "the dualies are cracked for people who shockwave" for 7:11 mins

  • Nick is super calm and makes me smile

  • its going to get nerf after this

  • I Love how People think this is an normal vid but nick just hit doeeeees!

  • Nick is the most positive SLnumber ever

  • "Am going Up Up and around Is he breaking down" -Nick Eh 30

  • It must guod to get every kill

  • 2:40 says hop rock dualies lol

  • 3:56 actingliketommy 2:0