EVERY SINGLE GLITCH in Fortnite Season 6!

Objavljeno 7. jun. 2021
All Fortnite glitches in Season 6 of Chapter 2!
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  • Got notification after 5 days

  • Not only season 6 glitches but even season 4 and season 5, man the memories

  • Plz sub

  • hhhhhh

  • Why the thumbnail has to be thicc though.

  • 2:06 thats why its called BIG pot

  • It was the kondor emote

  • Its not season 7

  • You were lag that is not a glitch look his ping AT 2:17

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • “look how big my big pot is”

  • I like the emote not even emote 🤣

  • Yeah

  • Nick! No you said season 6 instead of 7

  • We love glitches

  • Is this season 7 or 6 I’m confused?

  • Actual title: Car glitches

  • Alternate title: vehicle glitches in the past 4 seasons

  • I Know that this is on the future but, The First bug that i have encountered in season 7 chapter 2, was getting stuck on the turret and can get out

  • 1:09 did you hear that laugh it’s so funny tell me if you hear it

  • Nick the emote at the start is when you change into the other style on the kondor skin

  • Nick: look how big my big pot it Me: well is it really that surprising it is called a big pot.

  • Clickbait

  • The boat glitch happened to me

  • Been waiting for this video

  • I'm talking to a sand pile 🙃

  • The big cabbage was not a glitch

  • 0:07 seconds kondour skin emote

  • Nick eh 30: Every Glitch in Fortnite season 6 Me: Is that dooms domain, is that sand, is that the lever action shotgun

  • Hey. Can you add me

  • Hey

  • i already miss season 6 XD

  • Fortnite is this up game

  • Alternative title=Cars are evil

  • Ngl this was just too funny 🤣 love it nick

  • title:EVERY SINGLE GLITCH in Fortnite Season 6! video:clips may contain clips of season 5 and 4

  • More like every cat glitch

  • yo nick could you please start doing more bull rush

  • Your game is sooo lagy

  • Hey nick I bought the battle pass and I used ur code

  • Yo Nick can you add me on FN at cj the cat

  • I wish the person who are reading this comment may your parents alive for 100 years. Love you all ❤️❤️

  • Why every glitch in season do you mean in the past 3 seasons

  • Season 7 😧😧

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  • Laughed while watching this can’t wait to see what u stream for season 7 keep it up

  • remember those old raggity carts? not the atk but like the shopping carts, that was such a fun addition to the game we were all having fun with those

  • 2:09 that is not a big pot that is a thicc pot

  • Most of these glitches are of early seasons

  • Ive had the bug so many times where you get in a car and try to drive but it doesnt move then you get out and like teleport somewhere and die to fall

  • Nick pls don’t click bait like all I a

  • Hi

  • The glitches are in season 6 and 5 and 4

  • Dadd

  • Sheesh

  • Title:every car glitch in every season

  • This is not chapter 2 season 6 This is chapter 2 season 5

  • Ops I have int sub

  • I love this kinda video concept

  • The guy with the candy axe was using condoor and for you it was a default

  • Bruh there were glitched from last season so cheap

  • what song is this nick?

  • Click. Bait.


  • When half the clips are in season 5

  • First

  • I meant to say hating

  • Nick i don't want people having on u for this but all of a sudden I saw clickbait thumbnails starting off from u saying there are new attachments to cars to now

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Any body else just notice that he just lagged he didn’t hit him behind the wall 😂

  • Season 6 do be less glitchy, Fortnite is improving every day!😁

  • Funni fortsnuts for the past 2 sezonz

  • In season 6 shows Season 5

  • Cool

  • Hi

  • We have learnt one lesson Vehicles need to be fixed

  • Lolalot of there clips are season 5


  • The title should be every vehicle glitch lol

  • Bro literally almost everything in this video has happened to me lol 😂

  • 1:26 that’s season 5 not 6

  • when you realise your favourite canadian fortnite streamer turned to the dark side and clickbaits now also im canaidian too im in ontario i live near midland

  • nick you should react to you reacting to your first battle royale win

  • My boy said season 6 him realizeing he did different seasons

  • Look at all of it

  • The space dance

  • Do you know chapter 2 Season 3

  • I found a secret

  • Nick you need to say goodbye to season six

  • When I watch you’re videos, it makes me wanna play fortnite.

  • م

  • Hi

  • Everyone watching before s7 like or reply to claim your ticket 🎫 🎫 🎫 🎫

  • Next title: nick eh 30 reacts to Fortnite season 7

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  • Why the clickbait with an alien, all you want to do is get popular off of fake stuff